Our Fundraiser is a one or two day event hosted at your facility.

It costs you nothing and can raise thousands of dollars for your organization.

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how it works

The fundraiser is a one or two day event hosted by your organization within your facility. Western Fundraising Solutions will convert your space in your facility into a mattress showroom. We will showcase only top quality name brand mattress sets discounted up to 60% off stores prices. In addition, our showroom will be staffed with professional mattress specialists who will provide each guest with the opportunity to test mattresses in the showroom. The event is held on a day that is most convenient for your group and profits will go directly to your organization.

Western Fundraising Solutions has been developed based off of proven method to raise thousands of dollars for organizations in just one weekend. We have innovative methods where we apply grass roots marketing to eliminate high cost advertising in order to provide the best prices on Top quality mattresses.